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22lr accuracy

It is used in a wide range of riflespistolsrevolverssmoothbore shotguns No. American cartridge manufacturer Union Metallic Cartridge Company most likely introduced the. It combined the casing of the. It is one of the few cartridges that are accepted by a large variety of rifles and handguns.

Its minimal recoil and relatively low noise make it an ideal cartridge for recreational shooting, small-game hunting, and pest control. It is used by the Boy Scouts of America for the rifle shooting merit badge. The low recoil of the cartridge makes it ideal for introductory firearms courses.

What .22 revolvers are the most accurate?

Novice shooters can be surprised or frightened by the noise and recoil of more powerful rounds. Beginners shooting firearms beyond their comfort level frequently develop a habit of flinching in an attempt to counter anticipated recoil.

The resulting habit impedes correct posture and follow-through at the most critical phase of the shot and is difficult to correct. With high recoil eliminated, other errors in marksmanship technique are easier to identify and correct.

22lr accuracy

Available for this round are AR upper receivers and M slide assemblies. Many handgun manufacturers have an upper pistol conversion kit to make it shoot. These conversions allow shooters to practice inexpensively while retaining the handling characteristics of their chosen firearms with reduced recoil and muzzle blast.

Owners of guns that use gas systems, such as AR sport style rifles, normally avoid firing non-jacketed. This can usually be mitigated by swapping the conversion kit for the standard bolt carrier group, and firing several full-powered rounds to clear the gas port and tube of any accumulated lead fouling. A wide variety of. Bullet weights among commercially available ammunition range from 20 to 60 grains 1. The low cost of ammunition has a substantial effect on the popularity of the. For this reason, rimfire cartridges are commonly used for target practice.

Annual production is estimated by some at 2—2. Performance depends on barrel length and the type of action. For example, it will often perform differently in a bolt-action rifle than in a semiautomatic rifle.

The relatively short effective range, low report, and light recoil have made it a favorite for use as a target-practice cartridge. The accuracy of the cartridge is good, but not exceptional; various cartridges are capable of the same or better accuracy. As the bullet slows, the shock wave caused by supersonic travel overtakes the bullet and can disrupt its flight path, causing minor but measurable inaccuracies. As a hunting cartridge, rimfires are mainly used to kill small game up to the size of coyotes.Discussion in '.

Log in or Sign up. May 8, 1. My wife and I are really getting into shooting. With the price of ammo these days we are leaning toward the. I have a few cheaper models that i have been able to afford, but was wondering if there is a holy grail of a.

I quess I want input on the most accurate revolvers out there.

22lr accuracy

I am wondering if it would be worth sinking the huge sums of money they want for smith and colts in. May 8, 2. Take that to a 'smith and have him crown it and check the timing.

Accuracy in a firearm is actually repeatibility. If the bullet leaves the barrel the same way each time and the sights stay in the same relationship with the bore from shot to shot, the gun is accurate. You might be surprised.

My experience with the s says that a barrel crown job is necessary on many to get the accuracy up. The age suggests that timing should be checked.

I shot balloon competition with one before I got my High Standard. When you can hit 3 ballons, waving in the breeze on a stick at 7 yards without raising the pistol above your shirt pocket, it is pretty accurate.

The rest of accuracy in a gun is the "fit to the shooter" thing. If the gun doesn't fit YOU, then you will not be as accurate with it. That said, there are many very accurate revolvers out there and I don't have the knowledge of modern revolvers to start spouting names and models.

Somebody else here will have that experience with today's revolvers to advise you on that. May 8, 3. The six inch version is a better choice for target shooting as you get a longer sight radius with a longer barrel, meaning you can sight it more accurately than the 4 inch model.

LDBennettMay 8, May 8, 4. I suppose of all fire arms, the revolver is the least accurate. I have owned several very accurate. The most accuarte. May 8, 5. Geiger ". The author tested 22 handguns in a scientific way you'll have to read the book to get the details but I think it was a fair and scientific test procedure.

May 8, 6. May 9, 7. As for what's currently available, I think the Smith has got to be one of the finest. Going back a few years to discontinued models my all-time favirite wasn't mentioned.Theories, Myths, and Fables of Accuracy. This story starts over a decade ago, when I read that measuring the rim thickness of 22 long rifle bullets would improve accuracy.

I also learned at this time that some of the bench rest shooters were experimenting with weighing their bullets to improve accuracy.

Furthermore, even if you have proof, I will still go out and prove it to myself. So starts the last ten years of research that has finally yielded the first key to improved accuracy for caliber long rifle ammunition. This theory, applied from center-fire experience, reduced group diameters by 35 percent 0.

Not only did I decide to sort ammunition by rim thickness for accuracy testing, I also measured the rim concentricity, bullet weight, bullet diameter, case diameter, length to ogive, velocity, and bullet concentricity.

In the tables of data that I collected, the more expensive ammunition has a much smaller range of variance for these measured aspects when compared to less expensive ammunition. My initial testing was from hard sandbag rests at an indoor facility with a Anschutz equipped with a 20x Unertl scope.

Accuracy starts here!

I originally shot 5 round groups, and the testing grew to include seventeen brands of ammunition. The first tests that I conducted were for rim thickness, bullet weight, and bullet concentricity. I already had a nice powder scale to weigh bullets, and there were at least three different models of rim thickness measuring tools on the market.

However, no one was offering a reliable tool to measure the bullet concentricity of 22 long rifle bullets. The data from the tests for rim thickness and shell weight sorting was inconclusive. The last test conducted at this range was for bullet concentricity. Bullet concentricity, also called run-out, is the relationship of the bullet axis to the case axis as illustrated in Figure 1. Finally, a test that actually had some consistency in the data.

The data was not perfect because of my errors in technique. However, I had enough to convince myself to continue testing. Figure 1. A decade later, now I believe that some. My conclusion from the results was simple, I needed better facilities to conduct tests and collect data. Then a good friend of mine, Dr. The bench rail vise at the OTC is the style that mounts a rifle in the stock and my Anschutz was again used for testing.

Very Accurate .22 Ammo

Once again the rim thickness sorting did not produce statistical results. Additionally, the bullet weight measurements did not produce any reliable data. However, Eley 10x shot two consecutive tests that strongly supported the bullet concentricity theory.

Figure 2 contains the measured results of these two bullet concentricity tests.Consistent accuracy is the Holy Grail for any target shooter. Accuracy is affected by a multitude of factors — and rifling is just one of them. With expertise in making precision small bore barrels, benchrest shooter Paul Tolvstad explains the different types of rifling and its impact on accuracy:. Rifling is the arrangement of the grooves found on the inside surface of a rifle barrel.

When fired, the helical grooves cause the bullet to spin so that it is more stable, improving both range and accuracy. Without rifling, the bullet will not spin and instead will act like a knuckleball thrown by a baseball pitcher… inaccurate! There is a downside to rifling however, and that is that it must contact the bullet to create spin. This means that when the bullet leaves the barrel, the bullet surface is not smooth which creates drag.

Thus making it easier for the wind to move the bullet around. For many years, standard rifling was square and created sharp corners where it contacted the bullet. Barrel manufacturers then created different rifling patterns to help keep the bullet as smooth as possible. However, it is a trade-off between gripping the bullet enough to create spin while distorting the surface as little as possible. The Muller 4 and 8 groove barrels have a skinnier land with no sharp corners which is why they use the term minimally invasive.

The Broughton 4 and 5C are very similar to the 5R rifling profile. Benchmark 2 and 3 groove and Douglas 4 groove have a standard square rifling pattern. Although the most dominant in benchrest arethe Shilen 4 groove ratchet and the Muller 4 MI, all have had success in big matches. This variation between rifling types is one reason why batch testing your ammunition is so beneficial for accuracy.

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22lr accuracy

If you continue to use our site, you consent to our use of cookies. Tell me more Got it!The most accurate factory-made rim fire rifle for the money is the Savage Mark II. Yes, there are custom rifles out there that will shoot better than this rifle - but not a lot better and for a lot more money. Savage offers several versions of the Mark II with different stock options, barrel materials, and different barrel lengths but all of them have consistency of manufacturing methods, chamber dimensions, and trigger superiority that make Mark II's so accurate.

I don't know of another rifle in this price range that will shoot half inch groups right out of the box. I have a Kidd build that was done from the ground up, starting with the action. Although it's not custom, I have an Anschutz model 54 which shoots great. I also own 3 different models of the Savage MKII and can tell you that out of the box, with a decent optic, they will shoot one half inch 5 shot groups at 50 yards.

A better shot than me could probably do slightly better. My custom rifles have a hard time matching that performance, and some can't. If you have your favorite rifle that isn't the Savage, that's great. Shoot what you enjoy. But if accuracy is your primary objective, the table below might convince you to think again. Related Articles. Best hunting rifle slings. Best shooting mats for the money. Best spotting scopes for the money. This table is from an experiment done by dayattherange.

The purpose of the test was to identify which ammo was the best all around. A byproduct of the test was categorizing the data to compare the test rifles to see which one shot the best over all of the 14 different types of ammo. All groups were shot at 50 yards. Except for CCI standard velocity, all of the ammo tested was match grade. Believe it or not, out of all of the ammo tested, the CCI standard velocity actually performed the best out of all of the rifles tested.

What this means is that the least expensive ammo performed best with the least expensive rifle not including the custom Kidd build. I have written a post describing my experiences with CCI standard velocity, check it out here. This is the most extensive test of rifles I have ever seen. These results can be taken with high degree of confidence. The Savage MKII, no matter what model you settle for is the best rifle for the money and can be tuned to shoot with much higher priced rifles.

It shoots better, or at least as well, as most of them right out of the box. I don't know of a better test you could do to determine the best rifle. The differences in group size at 50 yards are not huge, but at yards that kind of difference would begin to matter. At yards, it would matter a great deal when trying to be consistently accurate. Anytime you can purchase a new rifle with a good trigger, one that is usable going forward without having to go the route of an aftermarket trigger, you are money ahead.

From an accuracy standpoint, the trigger is second only to the chamber and barrel of a rifle. I have purchased several.

They will reduce the pull weight from the factory lbs down to lbs. They are just a drop in design so getting them in place and to work is not a chore. The Ruger American comes with a pretty good trigger but is only adjustable from lbs.It is an ideal gun if you want to start learning and then move to bigger calibers of or This type of gun is manageable, light and the ammunition for it is cheap.

Even if it is said that the legendary. It can also be very practical to use in many ways. If you were wondering what gun to buy for backyard plinking, you could choose a.

This gun package contains hunting prowess at an affordable cost and one of the best cartridges for small game hunting. Here is a list of three of the best. Website: www. It has been built since and it has never lost its popularity. It has a great design; it is really easy to maintain and very reliable. It can be disassembled to change any part with some simple tools.

For those states with magazine capacity restrictions, Ruger has created five-round guns, but there is also a version of 25 rounds. If you purchase this gun, you can also try the aftermarket coffin, box and drum magazines that have capacities of rounds from 25 to For hunting, you should use the standard drum because it keeps the weight down. You have a lot of factory and aftermarket options to choose from and they include more barrel styles and lengths and tactical stocks.

The rifle includes a precision system that offers you the possibility to hunt squirrels from a hundred yards away or a close-quarter rapid fire for rabbits. For over 50 years Marlin has been developing the Model 60 and it continues to be one of the best in its class. This rifle is known to be simple, inexpensive, accurate and robust and perfect for hunting small game.

This semi-automatic rifle has received a tubular magazine with 15 rounds situated under the barrel. The system is a little slow when it comes to reloading, but it can hold enough ammo for your hunting purposes. The fact that the magazine tube is made from brass gives it a great resistance to corrosion. One of the strongest points of this rifle is the interesting barrel with its groove micro rifling and the crown which is a high-quality one. This is the motive why it is so accurate.

The receiver of the rifle has grooves that offer the possibility to mount scopes and this is why you can exploit it to its maximum. This rifle is really affordable and very practical for small game expeditions.

Brno, the legendary Czech firm, has developed an update of their classic design. This rifle is an American version of their well-known, long-running bolt gun. It was intended to incorporate the new common receiver from Brno and a quick change barrel system.

The CZ American can also be purchased in a package that contains both. This is a perfect weapon for hunting with its high-quality barrel of The trigger is adjustable and crisp and the detachable magazine contains five rounds. This exact model was designed especially for an optical sight, with its great walnut stock and high comb. The rifle does not come with standard iron sights and its receiver is tapped and grooved for scope mounts. This 22 bolt action was launched in and since then, it has been making waves in the gun industry.

The basic design comes in various. Also, the Marlin XT has various stock options, and one of them is the standard walnut and we think this option has the best look. But the synthetic options are more durable and begotten in camo. One of its features that most shooters neglect in this gun is the effective open sight feature that helps in short range shooting or against fast critters.

This gun has the capacity to accommodate a scope which helps for accurate shooting.Here are a few tips to improve the accuracy of most. If the rifle maker also makes ammo, like Remington and Winchester, start with that brand. Odds are, the rifle development team used their own brand's ammo when they were finalizing the design.

Also, check for ammo recommendations from the rifle maker. If you are older, or your eyes are not what you want them to be, use a peep sight. More specifically, try using a "ghost ring" peep sight with a square post front sight.

22lr accuracy tips

Those little glowing plastic sights can work well for fast paced small game hunting. Because scopes allow the shooter to focus on both target and reticle at the same time. Oops, there is one big problem with scopes Most centerfire rifle scopes are parallax free at yards. For a. Don't worry, there's no problem here. Even the cheapest. Just clean the bore!

Remove leading as well as fouling and the barrel likely will be fine. Many competition and exhibition shooters have reported their barrels shot even better than new after firingrounds of. If you plan to hunt with the rifle, don't go too low on the pull weight. If you go too low, you'll fire the shot too soon. If the mount can be visibly flexed with your fingers, replace it with a more rigid design.

Coarse adjust or shim your scope so the scope is sighted when the elevation and windage are near the middle. Scopes at the end of their adjustment range often break bad.

If somebody tries to sell you an "unmarked" insert famous scope brand here run, don't walk, away. Those are almost always either cheap copies or factory seconds.

22lr accuracy

Get a good scope. It doesn't have to cost a lot, but do get a brand of scope you trust. Favor repeatability over optical splendor. A scope that holds its zero through thick and thin is what your rifle needs. Leupold's rimfire scopes are good choices if you can spare the bux.

All are excellent tips. Thanks GB.

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